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Owner managed businesses

No two family businesses are the same and, as such, there is no standard approach to addressing the needs of our clients. As a result we develop a full understanding of your business and the industry in which you operate so that we can offer a service tailored to your specific needs. We can work closely with you and your family members to help clarify the individual roles within the company and ensure you have an efficient business strategy in place.

Conflict in a family business is inevitable. We work with our clients to identify potential sources of conflict and develop appropriate mitigation strategies.

Every business owner is keen to improve profitability and performance, however, many do not take advantage of the potential to do so, either because they are unwilling to change their business strategy or simply because they are in need of the right advice.

At Libra Wealth Management Limited we have significant experience in helping business owners boost their profitability and performance through a broad range of strategies. We recognise that your business and family are unlike any other and we work with you to develop tailored solutions based on your specific circumstances and future aspirations. Our approach is hands on, proactive and proportionate. Where required we can provide part time or interim Finance Director services.

To find out how Libra can help you, please contact us.