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Property tax planning

Whether you are a home owner, a landlord, property investor or developer the ownership of property can present a number of potential tax problems. At “Libra” we focus specifically on the tax planning needs associated with the ownership of property in its various forms.

We can help you:

  • with the preparation of your property related accounts and self assessment tax return
  • evaluate property investment decisions including buy to let, development projects, furnished holiday accommodation, student homes
  • assess the tax implications of a potential property sale whether it is your own home or an investment property
  • mitigation of Capital Gains and Inheritance tax
  • maximise tax deductions against both income and capital gains tax
  • structure the ownership of the property in the most tax efficient manner including the issues involved with ownership through a pension scheme
  • decide whether to incorporate your property business
  • utilise property losses
  • understand the tax issues if you are thinking of moving overseas either temporarily or permanently
  • if you are a non-resident property owner
  • consider the importance of both residence and domicile for tax purposes and develop a strategy accordingly

Non-resident landlords who can apply for approval to receive rental income gross. This exemption will be withdrawn if the landlord fails to keep his/her tax affairs up to date. Non-residents are generally exempt from Capital Gains Tax however the rules can be complex. You can apply for this service online using the 
(section below). Please review our terms and conditions.

Please review our Terms and Conditions and our Engagement Letter. If you would like to proceed please complete the form 64-8 and the NRL1 together with the Letting Agent Authority letter.

If you would like us to provide you with useful information for non-resident landlords, their agents and tenants please register below.